About Deciso

Who We Are

For a decade, Deciso has not simply sustained a role in Malaysia’s musical landscape – it has extended the horizons of how Malaysians can impact music-making. From humble beginnings as a neighbourhood music school, it now hosts a premier recital venue as well as a violinmaking workshop.

Deciso’s Hall

Deciso’s hall has been a favourite of Ensemble Virama, and the hall was acoustically adjusted following their debut performance in September 2015. Over the past two years, the ensemble has brought to the stage repertoire ranging from Bach’s Coffee Cantata to a Haydn piano concerto and works of Brahms, Dohnányi and Schumann.

The Sutera Ensemble held its first KL concert at Deciso in 2017 in a sold-out event featuring piano quartets of Mozart, Maher, and Dvořák that unexpectedly included a princess from Ghana.

The Violinmaking Workshop

The violinmaking workshop represents a feature no other music venue or school in the region can boast, and not simply for the instruments of Malaysian luthier Tan Chin Seng which are now in the hands of some of Malaysia’s best performers. The workshop regularly brings experienced international experts, who share their expertise in violin/bow making and restoration. It has also made a reality the ideals of some to make their own instruments, housed in the time-honoured tradition of master and apprentice.

Showcasing Instruments

Showcasing instruments has been a major endeavour of Deciso, and the Contemporary Violin Makers Exhibition of 2017 went beyond its walls, to the Johor Bahru Classical Music Festival and the Rhapsody Music Festival.


As Deciso embarks on its second decade, it is emboldened by the bright continuing road ahead for both performing artistes and instrument makers both here and from faraway shores. It remains as dedicated as it has been for the past ten years to progress, innovation and creativity.