With making and preserving those instruments that provide us with the joys of music,Deciso’s obsession with details enables a new landscape with Malaysian bowed stringed instruments. Led by award-winning violinmaker Tan Chin Seng, the Deciso workshop preserves the highest standards in both crafting new instruments and instrument services.

Wrote Julia Mayer in the New Straits Times:
”Strategically-placed contemporary Chinese ceramics are juxtaposed against the violins,the great stringed symbol of the late Italian Renaissance period, resonating relevance and meaning in the present. This fusion of two enduring traditions of craftsmanship also reflects Tan’s ownpersonal heritage as well as his journey to acquire the best skills from abroad. From the gallery, the studio virtually transforms into an interactive museum, with internal windowed roomsdevoted to the key stages of violin production.” (Devotion of a Violin Maker, 1 July, 2017)

Since 2012, Deciso has welcomed world-class luthiers and archetiers to the workshop.Among the regular visitors are maestro Eric Fournier, Emmanuel Begin, Manuele Civa, Stefano Conia Jr., and our mentor Bertrand Yves Delisle.

Instrument Setup and Maintenance

It may surprise the novice the extent to which the setup of an instrument, as well asmaintenance affect the sound an instrument produces. There are over 70 components of an instrument which wear out over time, including the bridge, sound post, upper nut and fingerboard – andsome like the bass bar, which a player might never actually set eyes upon.

Precision is our keystone here, in finding not just the best setup, but the best setupfor each individual player. Just as our personalities are unique, so is the way an instrument responds to each of us. Our job is to bridge those two characters: the instrument, and you. Years of work with virtuoso musicians, along with knowing instruments inside out – literally, though expertise withviolin-making – lead to expert precision and individualised care.

Instrument Care and Maintenance

Basic maintenance includes cleaning, gluing opened seams, polishing, and servicing of pegs.

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Instrumentrepair/restoration when misfortune strikes.

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Check-up andquotations are availablewithout charge.

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Professional photo-taking services are available for those keen to capture the essence oftheir instruments for personal or professional application.

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