Bertrand Yves Delisle was born in Rambouillet, in 1964,  and he grew up in Clermont de l’Oise, a small town in northern France He has good memory in Clermont, especially for its music school where he started practicing saxophone in the classical and Jazz ensembles.

After high school, bowled over by an increasing passion for the world of music, he decided to move to Italy so as to attend a violinmaking school.

He arrived in Cremona and enrolled in the I.P.I.A.L.L. violinmaking school where, thanks to the precious guidance of Master Violinmaker Giorgio Cé, he obtained his violinmaking diploma.

In 1991, after a few years of training on his own, he was employed by the renowned  workshop of Carlson – Cacciatori – Neumann in Cremona where he completed his training in building and restoring string instruments.

Maestro Bertrand was awarded two international awards; 1996 Manchester Cello Festival special prize and 1997 Mittenwald Violinmaking Competition Special award for the high quality of craftsmanship on anaother cello.

Since fall 1999, he works in his own workshop in the Cremona countryside sharing his  instrumental experience with amateurs and professional players.

Maestro Bertrand is regularly invited to share his expertise in both restoration and violin-making in Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong and Taipei.

Bertrand Violin 2018
Bertrand Yves Delisle