After studying furniture making, David Ayache’ passion for instruments and music inspired him to take a two-year apprenticeship, which consisted of classical guitar making, with Bruno Perrin. He continued his apprenticeship and discovery of violin making with François Curty for four years where he acquired fundamental knowledge concerning the making and restoration of quartet instruments.

After graduating from the violin making school in Mirecourt, France, he assisted Frederic Becker for six years in Montpellier.

In spring 1997 , he opened a workshop in the historic centre of Montpellier, where he dedicated my time exclusively to the making of modern and baroque quartet instruments.


Prix Coup de Cœur du Jury, 6th Concours Régional de l’innovation artisanale, 2012

Certificate of Merit for Cello Tone, International Violin-Making Competition VSA, 2008

Violin 2012
David Ayache

Violin 2017
David Ayache