“Michael Köberling first studied violin making in 1984 in Grafenaschau, Germany with his father (Johann Koberling), as well as in Violin Making School in Mittenwald. Michael worked with his father for 15 years before his move in 1999 to Murnau, Germany. Murnau is a beautiful place with wonderful lakes and nature-protected forests approximately 60km south of Munich, which was also the home of the painters Gabriele Muenter and Wassily Kandinsky.

Michael Köberling focuses primarily on making new stringed instruments (custom order only), entirely excluding repairs or restorations, so that he may devote his time entirely to making fine instruments (this is a rarity and an exception to the norm in the contemporary world of violin making). The average wait time to receive a custom ordered instrument is approximately one year. Annual production for this level of making in his beautiful workshop averages eight to ten instruments.

His violins, violas, and cellos meet with world-wide approval, particularly in the United states: Soloists of the highest level, e.g. the violinist and Portugese-born Virtuoso Elmar Oliveira, and many other large orchestras, including the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. His instruments are also cherished by serious students. Two of his violins were used in well-known recorded audio CD’s from 2005-2008.

Michael Köberling uses only the highest quality premier matured tonewoods resulting in consistently high quality sound and visual appeal. His commitment to quality carries to every component and part down to the smallest details. His instruments are well founded in style, direction, and classical methods of traditional making. Best of all, his instruments posses a style that expresses who he is as a maker, and shows his unique personality which is usually also demanded/expected by his customers.

Unmistakably, all Michael Köberling instruments are branded inside the center of the back with the “Murnauer Dragon” crest, as well as his traditional label.”


Violin 2016
Michael Koberling